The Fine Art of Monetizing Street Culture in South Africa S02E05 | Mpumelelo Frypan Mfula

We visited Soweto to spend a day with a street icon, creative entrepreneur and podcaster, Mpumelelo Frypan Mfula. Over Black Label beer we discuss the topic of Street culture, how it can be monetized and some of the pitfalls that people continue to fall into in their path for economic freedom. We also discussed how he has been able to have garnered street credibility and cultural reputation that he has, to the point of even being called the mayor of Braamfontein.   

We cover how he has managed to build solid relationships with high-end sneaker brands and how he has nurtured it so that it brings many collaborations. Discussion turns to how understanding the streets leads to people being able to monetize and sell their products much better and Frypan highlights the importance of understanding your market and making sure to meet demand that's there. Key rule is to properly navigating the unwritten laws of Street culture.

About Our Guest: Mpumelelo Frypan Mfula

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