The Finance for Hippies Podcast is proud to announce the very first mixtape by podcast hosts TeethSwag & Ndarkie titled Get Rich or Die a Hippie mixed by the incredibly talented C'funk

After years in the arts industry exhibiting as an interactive artist known as Mr MediaX, the artist finally gets the perfect platform to unleash and flex his rapper persona TeethSwag. He is joined on this tape by tag team rapper and music curator Ndarkie (aka Don Salamanca) - a man known to the South African government as a financial industry professional named Thabeng Sehume. As an extension of their podcast series, the mixtape takes a comedic and satirical look at the real life of two broke and unpopping artists through mirroring the life experiences of both TeethSwag and Ndarkie in their quest to reach financial freedom, correct their mistakes and break away from "the system"

Sonically, it is curated as a tribute the early 90's hip hop scene and is a musical project that is designed to help you self reflect, take care a more grown up approach to your finances and most importantly - never forget to laugh at yourself in the process #ArtOverMoney