The Business of Music S02E08 | Aewon Wolf

On todays episode, we discussed business in the music industry with the self-made Rapper and Independent Record Label Owner, Aewon Wolf. Looking back at the evolution of his illustrious career in music - a career more in the mould of Tech N9ne in approach than your standard signed artist music deal - we discuss some of the mistakes that music artists usually made regarding contracts and ownership of masters. We specifically look at how hard it is for an up and coming artist in the middle of the music industry to get their legal affairs in order and how they usually fall victim to unscrupulous record labels - or as Aewon calls them; music industry banks. 

In this very open-hearted discussion, we cover the challenge of monetization within the music industry and study how he has built great relationships and loyalty that have led to working with great brands over a sustainable period of time. Aewon Wolf reflects on how he decided to review the way he looks at life and started to determine what he wanted from life and music and what he values in life compared to a normal stereotype of a rapper. He describes the benefits of having your own record label and how it differs from working and promoting other different acts. If you're a new musician in the industry, this is one of the most important conversations that you will need to listen too before embarking on a career in music.

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