Episode 9 - How the Treasurer Met the Artist Pt. 2

Our season finale is finally upon us. It’s Episode 9 (Or Part 2 of Episode 8)  and since we’re the real life X-Men, we’re wrapping it off with our podcast origin stories where we discuss “How the Treasurer met the Artist” . No guest this week and no gimmicks – just straight talk and focused podcasting (yeah right). However, it's been a wild ride and a massive learning experience for all involved. So on this episode, you’ll get to learn a bit more about our podcast hosts TeethSwag and Ndarkie and how they came to this point in their lives and careers. Enjoy the second part of the conversation that started in Episode 8 :-)

Buckle up, and lets finish the Finance for Hippies origin episode over a bottle of South African rapper AKA’s Cruz Vodka (Watermelon flavor).

Enjoy the show 

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