Episode 7 - Life, Love & Making Profit Online in Africa ft. Adewale Adejumo

Episode 7 started as an opportunity to invite a guest to discuss online entrepreneurship and hacks for creatives and other small business entrepreneurs to make passive incomes online. We were able to invite Adewale Adejumo - one of the most sort after South African eCommerce speakers and entrepreneurs on this topic. However, in true hippie fashion, the conversation took some surprise turns early on as we wound up discussing athletics, WWE wrestling, Adewale’s music taste as well as his perspective on human genetic modification. When we eventually decided to get serious after about 25 minutes of good banter, we finally got going in a more practical direction to unpack his journey into the rough and tough world of eCommerce business in Africa.

As he tells it himself, as a boy, he believed that he would be the director of a science institute one day. So, early on in his career he got a BSc in Genetics and an MSc in Plant Pathology - until he ran short of money for his studies and like a well-seasoned mixtape rapper, he began selling Chinese electronic tablets from the boot of his car in 2010. This small business proved so lucrative that it led him to doing a postgraduate diploma in Marketing, Finance, Banking and Investment. In 2013, he then took a leap of faith and founded Zasttra.com – which went on to become one of South Africa’s fastest growing online retail stores. He was young, black and trailblazing. From building Zasttra came with many accolades and opportunities, such as speaking on the TEDxCapeTown stage, guest speaking at Google Start-Up Grind and acknowledgement as one of the 100 Young Independents in South Africa amongst many other media accomplishments. So we know your question: Why in the world in this prestigious gentleman sitting in the same room to do a podcast with 2 struggle rappers named TeethSwag & Ndarkie. Surely he is better than this?

Outside of having a long running friendship with podcast host TeethSwag, Adewale also has a genuine inside story about all the realities one faces in doing online business in Africa. Having just launched his second ecommerce platform named Dropstore which simplifies online business trade for South Africans, he wanted to use this opportunity to share his story, insights, challenges and expertise with budding online entrepreneurs of the future. So, with over 10 years’ experience building leading eCommerce platforms in the tough African digital marketing space - he is armed with amazing online business hacks for this episode that will help you gain digital relevance, sustainability and profitability on the online world

Over some Coca Cola and good conversation, we delve deep into this conversation of Life, Love and Making Profit online in Africa

Adewale Adejumo on LinkedIn https://bit.ly/2FkloLM

Adewale Adejumo on Twitter https://twitter.com/waleadejumo?lang=en

Visit Dropstore https://www.dropstore.co.za/

Zasttra.com https://www.zasttra.com/

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