Episode 6 - Investing on a Hippies Budget of R250 or Less ft. Dineo Tsamela

Episode 6 finds our hosts TeethSwag and Ndarkie yet again completely outclassed on the microphone as they’re joined by another caliber of guest beyond their intellectual pay-grade. Today we're joined by Nelspruit born Dineo Tsamela who leads a new wave of young and tech savvy South African financial industry professionals who are making it their business to educate and inform the African masses about better ways of managing their money. The self-confessed bookworm is no stranger to debt herself since early in her career she found herself overwhelmed with debt and no real plan as to how to get herself out of the financial distress that most young people seem to find themselves in. So she did what any young lady in her early twenties would do – moved to Joburg and took a four year break from all social activities, cutting down her spending to her most basic living expenses and proceeded to kick life’s financially draining butt. The best thing of all? She survived and lived to share her tail of survival with hippies all around the world!.

Now far removed from the earlier stresses that slowed her down earlier on in her career, today Dineo finds herself professionally stationed as a Communication Manager of Global Markets in the banking sector as well operating as a sort-after media speaker, columnist and panelist on all matters relating to money and investing in South Africa. In between founding her labour of love financial literacy blog Piggy Banker, freelancing for City Press and The Sunday Times as a business columnist and authoring her own ebook “A Step-by-Step Guide to Paying off Your Debt”, Dineo also somehow finds time to be a mom and an avid traveler.

In the next hour and a half, TeethSwag and Ndarkie attempt their first fully sober episode as they deep dive into her life journey so far, her love and passion for the arts as well as some critical pointers she gives our hosts on how to move from being in debt to being a smarter investor on a hippies budget.


Dineo Tsamela on LinkedIn https://bit.ly/2HgDPBs

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Paying off Your Debt https://bit.ly/2PWa2BZ 

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