Episode 5 - How to Adult with Your Finances ft. Morwesi Ramonyai

We're back to wrap up season 1 and what a journey it has been! Episode 5 is finally here and its available everywhere. According to TeethSwag, this Finance for Hippies episode is also the first classic episode (aka 5 mics, aka XXL) as our guest Morwesi Ramonyai gives our podcast hosts the 411 and honest hard truth on "How to Adult with your Finances". Outside of being one of the coolest, humble and funniest people you will ever meet, at her young age Morwesi holds an Executive MBA from the University of Cape Town and is a trailblazing impact entrepreneur with a keen passion for developing ideas and projects that create effective social impact. Her expertise extend to the energy and fintech space where she spends her days running her company Borena Energy.

Over uncapped sips of Krone Borealis Bru, Morwesi finally brought some class to our ratchet podcast set as she took us through her journey from huge financial debt and being blacklisted - to becoming the person Ndarkie refers too as "a fully fledged adult". Through experiencing many losses and wins in her entrepreneurship journey, this interview is really special as she really does not hold back on insights and pockets of excellence gained from her years of experience. As someone who no longer engages too much with the media, she really used this platform to openly discuss a range of topics - from the false fantasy of life as an entrepreneur, personal self-worth when it comes to money, all the way to proving that even super anarchist TeethSwag benefited from having a job.

Not sure if we're qualified to use the words 'Hard Hitting Interview" when it comes to our content yet, but if we didn't come close this episode, I doubt that we ever will. Or maybe you just a hater ;-)

Morwesi Ramonyai on LinkedIn https://bit.ly/2HXpkFb

Morwesi on Instagram  https://bit.ly/2UcS82Z 

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