Episode 3 - My Mashonisa Financed My Exhibition ft. Tiffany Mentoor

Another exiting episode of finance for hippies kicked off with Ndarkie and Teethswag. This time the elephant in the room was how “Mashonisa financed my exhibition”. For those who don’t know, In the South African townships a “Mashonisa” is usually an individual that gives small loans to people in the community – legally or illegally. They’re known as Loan Sharks in English. The studio guest for this week was none other than Tiffany Mentoor also known as T-Money; Arts administrator at Pro Helvetia South Africa, Chief Executive Officer at The Hidden Hand Studios, who also has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Witwatersrand. Amongst many of the interesting topics dissected in this segment was how Tiffany managed to gain some sort of knowledge on the handling of her finances from a young age. In part, this was due to the fact that her parents were able to pass on that knowledge, and so a seed was planted in Tiffany on how to navigate around issues of finance within her own life and in her professional life. Often with people involved within the creative sphere, it is often assumed that focus on the process of creating art is paramount to anything else. As a self-professed lover of administration, Tiffany gives us invaluable knowledge on how to reconcile creativity with sound administrative practices so you don’t end up going to your mashonisa for financial counsel. Learn more on how to create a good reputation for yourself and how to take some pointers from the corporate world that will help you in your capacity as a creative. For more on how to finance your next project without mashonisa, catch Ndarkie and Teethswag have a thought provoking conversation with T-Money on this episode of Finance for hippies “Mashonisa Financed My Exhibition”. Tiffany Mentoor on LinkedIn https://bit.ly/2PfJ2QC Mashonisa Definition https://bit.ly/2DvHpZ2 Pro Helvetia Johannesburg https://prohelvetia.org.za/en/ What We’re Drinking https://www.klipdrift.co.za

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