Easy Investing with EasyEquities S02E06 | Standwa Nongauza

Please note that this episode was recorded in 2020. Standwa has since left EasyEquities and is based at London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG). Please also note that the contents of this episode do not constitute as financial advise.  

We invited the brand manager of EasyEquities Standwa Nongauza to tell us who they are and how they are serving the market with their share trading platform. EasyEquities aims to disrupt and remove the barriers to entry in local and international stock markets, making the purchase of shares easy, cheap and available to as many people as possible. 

Standwa clarifies some misconceptions people have regarding EasyEquities, that it is not a coaching platform for trading but a platform to help people to invest easier. We highlight the risks involved in trading your own personal and the benefits provided by EasyEquities' wide varieties of instruments and shares one can invest in. Its mission is to reduce tricky tech, jargon or complex functionality. We’ve kept things super simple so that your experience is quick, intuitive and fun. He also explains the use of leverage and how it helps the smaller investors be able to afford shares that would ordinarily be out of their reach. The ease of use and mobile app provides the user with live updates on their portfolio wherever they are.

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