Adapting Your Financial Vision after the Pandemic S02E07 | Kristia van Heerden

Finance for Hippies is invited to present a podcast the Turbine Art Fair, and our guest in this episode is Kristia van Heerden who is the former host of the The Fat Wallet Podcast and CEO of Just One Lap. Most people find the path to financial freedom to be very difficult to navigate and adjusting your financial vision after a global pandemic can be just another barrier. To make this easier, we explore a few financial concepts and principles that will help the artists and everyday people to make better financial decisions and adaptions post pandemic.

Kristia speaks on how adhering to these principles increases the probability of accumulation of wealth and  better financial positions in the future. We look at the detrimental effects of interest, how to improve savings and how people waste money. We also look at what are the common financial mistakes that people usually make and pitfalls that repeatedly victimise the artist and many small businesses in this time. We also look at things from the glass half full perspective and consider some of the advantages that are offered by the economic system and how one can take advantage to improve one's financial position. Lastly, Kristia helps us offer some tips and tricks  people can employ to navigate their finances in the economic system right now and beyond.

Disclaimer: Please note that since the date of the recording, Kristia has left JustOneLap & The FatWallet Podcast and she now works as Education Lead at IG Group. Please also note that the contents of this episode do not constitute financial advice.

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