Episode 2 - Is My Passion A Business? ft. Gyre

South African Hip Hop artist Gyre broke into the scene in 2017 with his culture shifting debut digital album titled Queernomics. Although still relatively new to the industry, the self-anointed "King of the Queers" knows a thing or 2 about breaking boundaries and turning his creative flair into a viable business opportunity and lifestyle. Business is often regarded as a very serious endeavor and very often art and artists are not recognized as being business orientated. However in these changing times artists are forced to examine the realm of business in order to make a living and survive in this capitalist system. In this episode of Finance for hippies, the duo of Teethswag and Ndarkie invite Sibonakaliso A.K.A Gyre who is a hip hop artist, entrepreneur and an activist of the LGBTI community. He has also contributed on one of the tracks for this podcast. It is idealistic to think that one may be able to make their passion a business. Very often as the hosts of the show always say, it is “Art Over Money”. Gyre on this episode makes a very important statement on the fact that one cannot fight the urge to turn their passion into a business. He also makes the point that mentality is also very crucial when one seeks to use his or her passion into a workable business. So the question still remains, how do we turn our passions into businesses? Many challenges arise when trying to achieve this goal such as the fact that a lot of the time when trying to do even the basics of business practices, such as quoting prices for shows, people are often very nonchalant and ignorant in recognizing art as a business. Artists themselves also make it difficult for themselves when they do not take their art professionally by actually recognizing that they are delivering a service. This Episode of Finance for Hippies will definitely make you think about how to reconcile your art and passion with a few sound business practices. Gyre on Soundcloud https://bit.ly/2Are6nD Gyre on Instagram https://bit.ly/2OQCDeH Gyre on YouTube https://bit.ly/2CEB3VH Gyre on Twitter https://bit.ly/2PhwJ5L

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