Episode 1 - Where Did My Money Go ft. Kuda Samkange

Where did my money go? A question for the ages, and now, unkempt bearded free spirited weirdo’s are asking that question too! Gone are the days of the charm and allure of the starving artist - it just isn’t cute anymore. Being broke just doesn’t cut it. So on this episode, we discuss artists, money and the preparedness of financial and educational institutions to cater to the questions asked by the general public and artists - in particular with regards to money and its management. On the pilot episode of Finance for Hippies, we might finally find out “where our money went”. So to break it down, Ndarkie and TeethSwag decided to invite Kudakwashe Samkange - a financial markets professional with a background in investment management for more insight. It has never been a secret that artists have a dubious relationship with money and so for more on budgeting and packages designed for artists or whether in fact such packages exist, catch “where did my money go”. Learn more on budgeting, bank statements and the familial relationship the two share in relation to creating a healthier financial situation, Kudakwashe referred to them as sisters. So we might not actually know where any of the money went, but this episode might help us understand how to better manage money and the tools that might assist in that endeavor. Kuda on LinkedIn https://bit.ly/2NSTTPU Kuda on instagram https://bit.ly/2DMwU4q My Budget App https://apple.co/2QlYPcC Spendee https://www.spendee.com/

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